Junior Golf

Kirkwood PhotosThe Stowe junior golf program can be linked back to the legendary Joe Kirkwood, Stowe’s first head professional. Joe was a renowned golf professional from Australia who, besides winning dozens of professional titles, became famous for his trick shots and his love for teaching.

In his memory, the Joe Kirkwood Memorial Golf Tournament is held each summer in June to raise funds for the program. The program has introduced over 3,000 juniors from the surrounding communities to the game of golf.

Program Objective

The goal is to grow the game of golf by introducing the local youth to the game in a fun and creative learning environment. We will strive to highlight the relationship of playing the game of golf to each individual’s personal development. Specifically, golf offers the opportunity to teach lessons in integrity, honesty, sportsmanship, as well as learning about tradition and honoring the rules of the game.

Golf is the most over-taught sport in the world. The program will not focus on highly specific skills, or details; we want to give a good introduction, model the correct techniques, and to let the kids simply have fun. Skill refinement will come with age.